About Corona

The most invectious desease gets a hard Problem
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Corona lifes.

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We against the Virus

  Please have a distance of 2m.  

  Wash your hands is really important. 20 bis 30 Seks are good.  

  STAY at home.  

  Fair Play and buy. .  

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Come on the phone

with problems phone your doctor

or the hotline.


Home Office

Work from home is really important. Set work and family apart...


Here is text :-).

Nix los in the city

Humans and boys stay at home.

Important rules

Wash your hands.


2m Attention Distance



More to Corona

  • Is your ass playing games?
  • Read my pscologic informations.
  • Do not be crazy and get not full in contact to people..
  • Minimally 1.5m distance.

Important links about Corona


Every human is dedicated to bring freedom.

Hello 2

Everybody needs friends and family.

We are the nation and everytime we know what we should are.


An illness is no bomb.


Note Window

Telephon-Help to Corona

  • Ambulance Doctor
    Telefon: comming soon
  • Direct business service
    Telefon: comming soon
  • Direct private service
    Telefon: comming soon
  • Mini Service
    Telefon: comming soon
  • Information telephone
    Telefon: comming soon


Everybody is here in the fun and lough in this world.

We are nation and we are passion, everybody feels like me.

All and every state is the state of the state

We state we state the art of state.



Further things

Pupils and childs


Happy life

We want more